Windows virtual machine

What’s the best anti virus solution? Why not having a virus on your pc in the first place. This feat might be readily accomplished at no cost on a Windows Personal Computer using the use of a digital machine manager, a Linux OS, and a good anti virus program as a filter. Using this method, you do your browsing. In this manner, if you inadvertently download a virus, it’s possible to simply reset the state of your VM with no malware setting place on the Windows host. There are different applications combinations you can utilize to accomplish this alternative, but the most effective is Xubuntu Linux as the guest OS, Sun VirtualBox for your virtual machine manager, and anti virus as the free AV software.

It must be noted that VMWare offers an appliance aptly called pre packaged for virus surfing functions, Browser Appliance. Browser appliance does all it claims, it’s very simple to establish, and it is totally free. The pliability of setting up your very own OS configuration is frequently preferred over a pre packaged alternative. To begin downloading and surfing in a virus free environment, first download and then set up the Avast Antivirus: Home Edition in the Avast web site.

Next, download and set up Sun VirtualBox from the VirtualBox website on your Windows host machine. Once you get familiar with your VirtualBox configurations, download Xubuntu and set up this Linux digital machine on your new digital drive. Xubuntu particularly, seem to be far less predisposed towards Malicious applications than their cousins on your Windows side of your family, using a good free anti virus alternative for the Linux digital machine is still a wise idea. Fortunately, Avast also makes a free copy of their applications for Linux. Just set up and configure the application, and you are protected on both ends.

What is the point of surfing a virus free internet if you cannot download anything? Simple – you can! VirtualBox makes it very easy to make a shared folder between the Windows server and the Linux guest. Keep your own virus definitions up-to date on both machines, and then you will have a near bullet proof process of downloading files. What happens if you receive a virus on your Linux virtual machine? No worries, friend. VirtualBox makes reverting your own VM to a previous condition a quick piece of cake. Simply take a snapshot of a your own Xubuntu guest box in its favorite state, and then revert back to it whenever things get rough.

Lastly, you might Be thinking, Doesn’t running a virtual machine need a strong computer? . Xubuntu was chosen for this anti virus solution because it’s an intuitive, robust OS which requires very little system resources.


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