What is big data technology

Thats doubly true in the fast growing region called big information, with new businesses, products and services popping up practically daily. There are scores of promising large data firms, but Fortune sought to cut throughout the noise and reached out into a number of luminaries from the field to ask which large data companies they think have the largest possible. Which players are the ones? That question, we learned, is quite hard to answer. A list of large data firms is fascinating because of the definition. Said Dean Abbott, co founder and principal information researcher of Smarter Remarketer.

Is a data company that is big one that play analytics with data? A business that does predictive analytics often with large data, but not alwayslike Past the Arc or Elder Research? A large business that has a group that generally does large data analytics, but its only a little portion of what they perform as a companylike HP, SAP, Dell, even GE? Possibly the ones Ive seen. There was undoubtedly consensus on a few of the big data firms that business experts said were notable. At least two of 10 specialists we interviewed named MapR, MemSQL, Databricks, Platfora, Splunk, Teradata, Palantir, Premise, Datameer, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MongoDB, and Trifacta as glowing examples in the space.

MemSQL, for instance, is a from memory relational database that could be effective for mixed workloads and for analytics, stated Svetlana Sicular, an analyst at Gartner. While SAP draws so much attention into on memory databases by publicizing their Hana database, MemSQL appears to be a more affordable and more agile solution in this area. Splunk, meanwhile, has a fantastic Technology, and it was one of the first big data firms to go public, Sicular said.

Now, Splunk also has a strong merchandise called HunkSplunk on Hadoopdirectly delivering large data solutions which are more mature than most products from this market. Hunk is simple to use compared to a lot of big data products, and usually, most clients I spoke with expressed their love into Splunk with no solicitation on my side. Palantir Technologies, that focuses on numbers analysis for public sector clients, also received high marks. Id have to put Palantir on top of this list of this startups in this big numbers space, said Tom Davenport, an IT manager Professor at Babson College and author of this book, Big Data @ Work. DJ Patil, VP Of merchandise at RelateIQ, said San Francisco, California Based Trifactawhich makes a numbers transformation platform promising increase productivity for information analystswas a company to watch. Probably the most intriguing ones Ive seen, stated Patil, who serves as a technical consultant for the company. Two miles away, cross town peer Datameer is also remarkable, stated Carla Gentry, creator of Analytical Solution.


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