What is agile project management

What does Physics Instruct us about Agile Project Management Training? We might learn a lot from the way the science of mathematics has evolved and the way universities have developed Physics curricula. While its roots return to the earliest times, to the Historical The Greeks such since Aristotle and Archimedes, it later designed into a cohesive system with the gifts of Galileo, Kepler and Newton. Classical physics attained phenomental success, since that the Calculus of Newton and Leibniz gave it that the instruments to tackle even difficulties not envisioned by its own leaders. About 1900, less or more a decade, unexpected new experimental proof, largely about atoms and molecules, showed us that these small scale phenomena behave in ways not anticipated by classical concept.

This ushered in a brand new era called modern physics. New laws and methodology were designed to deal with the fast expanding experimental proof. Relativity and quantum mechanics added new instruments to the study of nature. These didn’t create classical mathematics wrong, for the old laws were functioning just as they always had, in their restricted scopewhich was the study of big objects moving relatively slowly. So classical physics remains the starting place for learning about physics, and represents the majority of that the material in most introductory textbooks. They appeared to have theories set up that could explain all physical phenomena.

There was obviously a great deal of cleaning up to do, however it looked like a rather mechanical job: turn that the crank on that the calculator till the results come out. Aside from a few niggling issues such as those lines in that the light emitted by gas discharges, and that the apparent dependence of that the mass of high speed electrons on their velocity. Twenty five years later, this complacency had been completely destroyed by that the creation of 3 entirely new theories: special relativity, general relativity, and quantum mechanics. The outstanding figure of the period was Einstein.

His name became a household word for his development, virtually single handedly, of that the concept of relativity, and he made an important contribution to that the development of quantum mechanics in his explanation of that the photoelectric effect. Slavin, Alan J., A Brief History and Philosophy of Physics, https:\/\/www.trentu.ca\/physics\/history’895.html – How’s This Transformation Related to Project Management? Classical Physics is similar to traditional, plan driven project management. Similar to the laws of classical physics. The traditional, plan driven project management approach has been widely recognized as that the only way to do project management for quite long time. The way traditional, plan driven project management is done hasnt changed significantly since that the 50s and 1960 s. Neither relativity nor quantum concept is required to build bridges or design cell-phone antennas.

The never ending conundrums of classical physics, https:\/\/www.trentu.ca\/physics\/history’895.html – Nevertheless, it’s significant to recognize and not ignore that the limitations which are inherent in a traditional, plan driven project management approach.


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