Virtual private servers

Today everyone is speaking about clouds: what they’re, how to use them and if utilizing them is appropriate for their organization. Which implies that these servers are available through WAN exactly the do not exist in the local community. There are 3 types of cloud technologies! Public Clouds – Personal Vehicle – Hybrid Vehicle – Public Vehicle are IT surroundings that are hosted at large suppliers. These data centers are spread all around the world with high availability functionality. They’re often called Software as a Service solutions, since the servers are not committed for your business since all information of all clients is hosted with these servers in parallel.

Private Clouds are IT surroundings that are hosted by your organization, but the underlying technologies is the equivalent as in Public Cloud surroundings. This means you’re ready for the cloud, but are running your own cloud, in either your data centre or in a collocated information center of a big supplier. Hybrid Clouds are a mix of private and public cloud designs based on the technologies needs of your company. This guide will discuss how to migrate a committed, non steroidal Exchange Server 2010 SP1 surroundings to a Private Cloud based collocated data centre without disturbance of email transport for the users. Prerequisites – To readily prepare and operate the migration, you need to meet these prerequisites: All Exchange Servers are performing Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 exactly the equivalent patch level of Windows and Exchange – A large available Exchange firm with DAG and committed Exchange Programs conducting the Hub Transport and Client Access Purpose. A large speed connection to the internet – Complete routable community – Local Domain Controllers Available in the collocated data centre – Clients are all already connecting to Exchange utilizing The Outlook on the internet functionality – Preparation Tasks – Installation of 2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition – Installation of 2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition – Phase 1 Co Existence – Installation of Exchange Server 2010 SP1 on those two Standard Edition Programs with Hub Transport and Client Access Purpose enabled – Installation of Antivirus exactly the Backup Agents on these new servers – Copy the configuration of Hub Transport exactly the Client Access Roles to these new servers – Configure the Client Access Programs as CAS Array for large availability – Installation of Exchange Server 2010 Sp1 on those two Enterprise Edition Programs with Mailbox Purpose enabled – Installation of Antivirus and .


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