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Cloud computing is the new platform everyone seems to gravitate towards. Why shouldn’t they? Storing data, applications, applications in a server apart from the users have its positive and significant effect on the over all computing theory. Various businesses have taken notice to the technical applications that can benefit from the technologies and so they implemented it on their own systems through websites or portals. One sector of society which could definitely use it is schooling. Organizations are already utilizing clouds for coaching of channel partners or personnel. Cloud computing might have advantageous results in the arena of electronic learning, specifically, elearning online.

Quite a few computers may access the on-line materials in the same time from work, library or home. In corporate application, different branches or offices around the world may have a live synchronous elearning session concurrently. For the classrooms, it might be added to the program to complement or supplement conventional course room discussions. You will find free cloud software out there from the Internet that teachers may use to personalize their lessons. A wonderful Illustration is Moodle, the open source elearning system which recently leverage Amazon’s Web Services platform. This enhanced their video streaming abilities essential to successful delivery of lessons.

Diversified learning experience for workers and the students. Having a collaborative learning environment will surely enrich learning and education for pupils as they utilize some other pupils on-line exactly like a group experience in the real world. Learning institutions and companies will be capable to minimize costs. Apart from open source elearning clouds, paid clouds also known as SaaS or Software as a Service would charge a minimal amount particularly compared to traditional software apps that must be installed. Users may easily create new content utilizing a browser. Since clouds run on browsers, there’s no need for additional programs to create content.

A wiki site, for instance, uses a simple WYSIWYG edit form that a user can edit. Even though the cloud computing platform might offer a lot of advantages, the other side of the coin has to be considered as well. The technologies can Manage basic movie streaming, interactive Flash animations, audio, and basic text content, but with regards to handling training, AutoCAD, for instance, the cloud is limited with regards to simulation unlike a specifically programmed training system. There are security issues when dealing with cloud based applications. Since the user doesn’t have control over the server that hosts their data, very sensitive info of students could fall on the wrong hands. There’s ambiguity in terms of copyright protection which protects your content from plagiarisms. Reliability from filtering content is a concern with cloud based applications because it’s basically connected to the web. Because there’s nearly no real control of the server where the data or content resides, when a user deletes a user account, there’s no guarantee which the content associated with which account was also deleted.


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